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Above and Beyond: Christy Reece

We sat down with Christy Reece, Head Horticulturalist at Egypt Valley to learn more about her green thumb, advice for those who don’t have one, and what she does for fun outside of the club.

Tell us about how your journey led you to EVCC.
I came to Egypt Valley from word of mouth. My husband, Jason Reece, was an intern here at the time. He heard Jeff Holmes was looking for help with spring cleanup in the gardens and Jason knew I had the knowledge and ability to help. I started working only part time, as I had a job as a veterinary technician at the time. The next season I took on the full-time position of Head Horticulturist. I realized how much I love working outside! 

Have you always had a green thumb?
I’ve always had a bit of a green thumb. My family always had large gardens—both ornamental and vegetable. Growing up, I’d spend my summers with my grandparents in Virginia, where it was customary to share your harvests with family and friends. A basket of extra fruits and vegetables would be waiting by the driveway. You’d take it home and refill it with your extra bounties, leaving it where you found it for the next person. I still love eating fresh beans and corn out of the garden! 

For members who love the work you do around the club, how can they recreate your arrangements? 
I truly enjoy my work and I think that shows. I take inspiration from things around me and like challenging myself with new and different looks. For those looking for advice about how to recreate one of my arrangements … well, you can’t. You see, each one is unique. It depends on how each plant grows, how each flower looks, how each plant thrives or struggles. All you can do is choose something you like and try it!  

What would be something that members would be surprised to know about you? Or when you aren't at EVCC, how would members find you spending your time? 
When I’m not tending to Egypt Valley’s gardens, I’m usually outside doing something! I enjoy taking the family out on our Boston Whaler boat for an evening cruise or a summer dip. We frequently visit local lakes and love to go camping and hiking, as well. I also dabble in photography. With all this beauty around us, how could I not capture it?

What is your go to piece of advice for those who don't have a green thumb? 
For those whose green thumb has failed them, my best advice is to make friends with those that do!

Be sure to say “Hello” to Christy if you see her around the club!

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