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Member Profile: Jen and Darren Delvaux

Jen and Darren Delvaux are open books—and for good reason.

From empowerment through fitness and family to messages of hope for those experiencing life-altering struggles, the Delvauxs are a dynamic team with their eyes set on the goal of helping others live their best lives.

When Darren, then a consultant pharmacist, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009, his wife Jen, a Beachbody Coach and all-around boss, knew positivity was the key to a healthy and happy future.

“Darren has been unbelievably positive since day one,” said Jen. “Though you can’t pretend like the enormity of it all doesn’t exist—and some days are hard—we work together and are very in tune with each other’s emotions.”

Part of what’s therapeutic for Darren and Jen is the opportunity to share their struggles, triumphs, and perspective through their podcast, Mr. Worldwide and His Bride: Living Your Best Life. Whether tackling challenges in parenting, an update on Darren’s journey, offering up fitness tips, or ways for listeners to improve their outlooks on life, Jen and Darren address it all.

Darren, who underwent his third brain surgery on March 1 and is currently undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, notes that perspective is everything.

“We share our lives so openly with others because we want to help inspire the uninspired,” said Darren. “I’m a way better person than I used to be before my diagnosis. Not that I was a bad person before, but my outlook on life has changed so much.”

Having joined Egypt Valley Country Club last summer, the Delvauxs spend their time at the club in many ways, including catching a bite with son Drew, 14, and daughter Maddie, 19, when she’s home visiting from college. Despite limited mobility in his right arm, Darren is usually found on the driving range.

“It’s really therapeutic for me being out there,” said Darren, who recently joined the Men’s League in hopes of playing a full round of golf soon. He could be found at the club up to five times a week, depending what’s going on. Jen, who joined the Ladies’ League, adds that they love social events such as the Pub at the Club on Friday evenings.

“The staff at the club is so good, so kind and the food served up in the restaurant is so nutritionally excellent. We really enjoy that,” said Jen, adding that almost their entire street comprises club members.

The Delvauxs never miss their weekly date nights and a chance to dress up, with Darren bringing out his tuxedo whenever he can.

“It’s so important for all relationships,” said Jen, a clean eater who admits she indulges in pizza, popcorn, and wine every now and then. “I don’t believe in perfection. You have to enjoy life, too!”

With more than 700,000 Americans living with a brain tumor today, Jen and Darren encourage others to “Go Gray for May” during Brain Cancer Awareness Month and sport the color gray—something Jen has done every day since Darren’s diagnosis.

“Whether it’s her nail polish on her fingers or toes, Jen always has some shade of gray on,” said Darren.

If you see Jen and Darren around the club, say “Hello” and ask Darren what his current favorite gangster rap song is.

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