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Member Spotlight: The High School Players of EVCC

Rising golf stars don’t simply become masters of their craft without a genuine love for the game—and plenty of practice.

Egypt Valley Country Club is proud to count many up-and-coming high school players among our members. Learn what they love about golf, how Egypt Valley has played a role and where they see themselves going from here.

Erik Fahlen Jr. started golfing as soon as he could walk. Growing up at Egypt Valley made him love the game.

“I like playing the beautiful courses,” said Erik. “Playing here has made me want to get good enough to be a top player in high school—and as I play in college at Taylor University.”  

Golf taught Erik to be patient and to never give up.

“I love how you can always get better and improve your game,” said Erik. “It’s always a process!”

Brothers Lance and Hayden Van Ermen have been golfing for as long as they can remember. They credit their dad—who has played all his life—with teaching them the game at a young age.

“Growing up at Egypt Valley is where my love for the game kind of developed,” said Hayden. “I always remember going to swim team and then walking up to the range for a group junior golf session.”

Lance agrees and loves the challenge golf provides. “Egypt Valley has provided me with everything I need to excel in my golf career and has helped me to become better and better.”

Hayden loves most about golf that each game is never the same. “Rarely will I have the same shot I need to hit or the same distance I’ll need to carry, which definitely keeps the game interesting.”  

Life lessons from playing the game abound for the Van Ermen brothers.

“When you have a bad hole or a bad nine, there’s always so much more golf to play and you can always make up the strokes and make something good out of it,” said Lance.

“Failure should never hold you back,” Hayden adds. “You should take it as a learning experience to further your skill set and improve each and every day.”

Though Lance isn’t sure if he’ll pursue golf after high school and Hayden elected to focus on his college classes, they enjoy spending time and golfing at Egypt Valley when they can.

Jack Zubkus, who will be a sophomore at Forest Hills Northern, began playing golf when he was around 3. Growing up at Egypt Valley has been special to him, as there’s always a place to play and practice. His decision to continue to pursue golf was partly influenced by the other younger players.

“Watching other high school golfers there at the club made me want to play when I got to high school,” said Jack. “I love that nothing is ever the same and that every round is different.”

Jack, who notes that golf has taught him about focus, is excited to eventually play college golf.

If you see any of Egypt Valley’s talented high school players around the club, be sure to say “Hello!”

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