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Employee Spotlight: Butch Markel

We sat down with Egypt Valley Starter, Butch Markel, to learn more about how he got his start in golf, his favorite part about Egypt Valley’s membership, and ask if he’s ever gotten a hole in one.

The answer is yes. But, how many? Keep reading to find out!

What is your favorite part about being a starter at EVCC?
One of the best things about being in my position is the ability to interact with all of the golfing members on more of a personal basis. Getting to know them and their families, talk to each one and be on a first-name basis makes it a more personal experience for everyone involved. I'm sure happy that the club gives me the option to play and practice here and that makes it worthwhile.

What got you interested in playing golf?
I got my first club in 1966 and started playing with my father in 1967. He helped me and taught me the rules and etiquette of the game first, then off to the course for lessons to ensure the basics were in place. Being from the Midwest, we had the chance to only play 9 months a year so I took advantage of that at an early age. Junior tournaments soon followed and I was hooked!

How have you seen EVCC change since you’ve been working there?
I've been at EVCC for about six years or so and I have seen some very positive changes. Course improvements, the increase in the number of younger members joining, better interaction between all departments to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for all. It keeps getting better every year and I see this trend continuing for the future!

You play in regular tournaments all over, tell us about that?
I got back into golf seriously in 2012 when my kids were old enough to handle things better on their own time. This gave me the chance to open the door to get back in the game, more specifically, the Senior events in the state. Since I got to the eligible age of 55, I've played in most of the stroke play events for the GAM and the USGA and most recently became involved in the GC AM Tour events all over the country. It just keeps getting better all the time.

What is something most people at EVCC don’t know about you? 
I’ve made 8 hole-in-ones, held a PGA card from 1984 – 1996, played on the Hogan Mini Tour, and qualified as an alternate for the 1978 US Open at Cherry Hills. I didn’t even have a driver’s license yet!

If you see Butch around the club, be sure to say “Hello!”

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