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Above & Beyond: Ben Jager & Nick Ward

Ben Jager, Egypt Valley’s Outside Services Supervisor, now splits his time between the club and a new adventure beyond the green.

In his footsteps comes Nick Ward, a golf enthusiast and outdoor lover with a history of working in a country club environment. Read on to learn more about Ben’s history with the club, what he’s up to next, and get to know Nick!

Ben Jager 

How long have you been with EVCC and what has been your favorite part about working here?
I have been at EVCC for five years: One in the rack room, one as a Starter, and three as the Outside Services Supervisor.

What’s been your favorite part about working here?
My favorite part about working at Egypt Valley has been the pride in having a part in making Egypt Valley the premier country club in the area, as well as getting to know so many great members and bringing a smile to so many faces. Not to mention the occasional free golf.

Tell us about your new adventure.
I have accepted a position as the Student Ministries Associate Pastor at Impact Church in Lowell. I will be predominately involved with the middle schoolers, meeting with students, preparing curriculum throughout the school year, preaching, and walking alongside the students as they take their next step with Jesus Christ.

What has been your most memorable moment?
My most memorable moment at Egypt Valley would have to be “rubbing a little luck” on Katy Teklinski’s raffle tickets during the 2018 Ladies Member-Member and running into a room of applause as I was informed that those tickets had won.


Nick Ward

Tell us a little about yourself!
I played varsity golf for four years at Northview and then I played for two years at GRCC. I have twice shot a hole in one! I’ve been playing golf since I was three and worked at Kent Country Club for five years.

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?
Most people don’t know that I love to mountain bike before or after my shifts right off of Three Mile. I also love to fish for steelhead in the spring. I look forward to getting to meet this membership and making sure they have a great outside services experience!

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