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Composting and the Community

Egypt Valley has teamed up with middle school students at nearby Stepping Stones Montessori School to make composting a priority.

The school, which sits on a 100-acre former dairy farm, adopts an agriculture-focused philosophy and has goats and chickens as well as areas for gardening, farming and composting.

So, how does it work?

Selected organic waste that comes from the Egypt Valley kitchen are prepared in green buckets, which are then picked up by Montessori staff. Once at the school, the compost is prepared in three layers, combined with waste from the chickens and goats onsite. From there, the compost is placed in an outdoor fenced in area and “activated” by covering with a tarp—which increases temperature and kills pathogens.

Not only is this composting effort environmentally sound, it enables youth at the school to get firsthand experience with hard work and the effort required to create successful compost and gardens. Additionally, the greens provided by Egypt Valley help feed the goats and chickens, cutting down on the school’s food costs.

The school’s goal is to eventually be able to create enough compost for the community to purchase for their own gardens at home.

Thinking about starting up your own composting bin at home? Learn more here.

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