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Above & Beyond: Katie Birtles and Autumn Eubank

You may recognize Katie Birtles and Autumn Eubank as Egypt Valley servers and all-around team players.

Soon, the best friend duo will be embarking on new adventures in Atlanta. Learn more about what Katie and Autumn are up to next, as well as why they’ll never forget their time at the club.

What’s been your most memorable moment at EVCC?

Katie: Something I think about a lot these days leading up to our departure is the day I met Autumn at Egypt Valley. I had only been there for a week when Autumn joined the team. My first thought was, “Wow, she asks a lot of questions. I better step it up.” For the first few weeks, she was my competition—though I don’t think she thought the same. One day, we finished setting up for a huge holiday brunch the night before and Autumn said, “Man I need a drink.” After work, we met up at Logan’s Alley and talked for hours. I never guessed that someone who was initially my “competition” was going to turn into a lifelong friend and my moving partner. I have to thank Egypt Valley for that!

Autumn: Since being at Egypt Valley, I’ve had so many great memories—from working amazing events and having a table witness my rendition of Flashdance as a tray of water glasses tumbled on me from above, to giving my family a chance to enjoy the magic of the club in December and celebrating mine and Katie’s graduation. But my most cherished memory was when my sister came to work at the club over the summer. It was great to share all of the things I loved (and bragged) about the club with her. My greatest joy was to see her so well received by both staff and membership, who made her experience here more than I could have asked for!

What’s something that most members wouldn't know about you?  

Katie: I have a total of 10 siblings, with ages ranging from 4 to 41. It makes Christmas very interesting!

Autumn: This past off-season, along with management, myself and select team leads (including Katie) collaborated to redesign, produce, and distribute a new F&B training program—complete with up-to-date branding, strategic progression through all areas of the club, and interactive resource materials. It was especially rewarding to implement the program with our new hires this season and learn what was successful and what could be improved upon.

From leading events to serving, what’s been your favorite part of being an EVCC team member?

Katie: When I walk into a shift, I’m walking into a group of hardworking friends. I love that we’ve built this support system where we can come to each other when we’re in need, no matter what!

Autumn: The unexpected support and encouragement to transform into a team leader that I’ve never experienced at any other job. I’ve been able to cultivate skills that enable me to lend structure, guidance and support to my fellow team members in order to effectively and efficiently accomplish common goals. I greatly attribute this success to the mentorship received from my management team, camaraderie between staff, and genuine appreciation from membership that is the perfect storm to bring out the best in any employee. 

Tell us about your new adventure in Atlanta.

Katie: Atlanta is going to bring on a lot of new learning experiences, but I think Egypt Valley has prepared me for the road ahead. I owe the club for introducing Autumn and myself. I also owe Autumn for introducing me to her Aunt Jamie, who has been working in the film industry for years. My plan is to crack the surface of the film industry and learn everything I can about the production side.

Autumn: Thanks in part to the Egypt Valley Scholarship Committee, I’ll be leaving for Atlanta with my 200-hour yoga teacher certification! I plan on teaching part-time while establishing my professional roots in Naturopathic Medicine working in a practitioner’s office before applying to an AANMC accredited ND program. I’m also excited to have the unique opportunity of being with my aunt while she welcomes a new member to the family this spring! 

What will you miss most about the EVCC family? 

Katie: The relationships I built through staff and the members. I’ve never left a job and had this many people to miss. I don’t know if I would even be making this move in the first place if it weren’t for Egypt Valley. This club has taught me way more about people and life then I ever thought it would. What was supposed to be just another server job to pay the bills turned into a family that I got paid to see everyday. I will miss this family so much.

Autumn: The endless small instances that I get to connect with so many people on a daily basis. Whether it’s cracking jokes in the kitchen, acknowledging and supporting fellow co-workers through hardships, or getting to know (sometimes multiple generations of) families—it’s been the greatest gift. I’ve shared endless laughs, gained lifelong friendships and have felt important and cared for by so many at the club. It’s a truly unique and special gift that elevates Egypt Valley from just a workplace to a family. 

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