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Above & Beyond: Kevin Thielke

Kevin Thielke, Superintendent of the Valley Course, has been a member of the Egypt Valley team for years.

We sat down with him to hear more about his favorite memories at the club and learn some lesser known, yet necessary, aspects of course maintenance.

As the Superintendent of the Valley, what is your favorite part about the course? 
It’s difficult to pick a favorite part, but if I had to pick one spot it would be the No. 7 Valley tee looking out over most of the back nine and holes four, five and six. I think it’s a wonderful view!

Throughout your years at EVCC, how have you seen the club change?
I have seen Egypt Valley change a lot over the years, but in my opinion all the improvements to the courses to help improve the playability for all skill levels has been so great to see. The continued changes at EVCC work well with continuing to grow along with the long-standing members and the ability to have new younger families join. 

When you aren't at EVCC, where could members find you?
First and foremost is spending time with my family and friends. Playing golf (my first love), bowling, watching my favorite sporting event or doing new projects around the house. 

You have been a member of the EVCC team for years. What has been your favorite memory?
I have so many favorites! A few include the Champions Tour for 10 years, the 2010 US Jr. Amateur, and all the member events every year. But if I’m honest, going to work every day and preparing the courses for the membership on a daily basis is what makes me the happiest.

What’s an aspect of maintenance that people would be surprised by?
I think the surprising thing would be how we have to deal with Mother Nature on a daily basis. The past six or seven winters have been so different than the winters prior. With the warmups and refreezing, it has made us have to clean off the snow and layers of ice off the greens just to keep the grass alive. Shoveling or snow blowing off the greens to try and melt or remove layers of ice is another behind-the-scenes activity that goes on in order to keep the courses in shape for the members each season.

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