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Member Spotlight: Nicole Meloche-Gregory

Nicole Meloche-Gregory remembers the exact day her and her husband became members at Egypt Valley.

“It was May 4th, 2013,” Meloche-Gregory said. “My husband, David, wanted to watch the Kentucky Derby at the club, so we dressed up and dropped off our application on a Saturday.”

At that point, Meloche-Gregory’s five children—Hannah, Ella, Andrew, Reeve and Jack—were all between the ages of 7 and 12, and she knew it would be a great opportunity for them to grow up swimming, playing tennis and golf, and taking advantage of all the club’s summer activities. Being newer to the area when they joined, Meloche-Gregory—who is the CEO of Urban You – Medical Bar and an investor in various other ventures—noted that joining Egypt Valley has been an amazing place to network both for work and personally.

Having had a long (not always good) relationship with golf herself, Meloche-Gregory was ready to pick up the club again and not give up.

“I hadn’t golfed in 10 years, so my husband and I used the club as an excuse to have a date afternoon or night,” said Meloche-Gregory, adding that the whole family has benefitted from yearly lessons with Egypt Valley’s golf pros. “My husband David is a good golfer and teacher and had so much patience with me and the kids learning to golf. As we have all gotten better, he's had to turn up his game. He still wins, but it's getting close.”

When not on the golf course, Meloche-Gregory and her family enjoy lounging by the pool but are more often found dining at one of the club’s restaurants or spending time on the patio with family and friends.

“David and I have gotten into Pickleball this past year,” added Meloche-Gregory, nothing they’re looking forward to playing more at Egypt Valley.

Because of her passion for branding, Meloche-Gregory was excited to serve on the Marketing Committee when the time came for Egypt Valley to go through its most recent rebrand.

“When we went through that process at Egypt Valley, there were a few brands from previous lives over the past 25 plus years, so it was confusing to current and potential members about who Egypt Valley really was,” explained Meloche-Gregory. “We wanted a brand that felt updated but had the messaging of being a part of something—a community.”

As humans, Meloche-Gregory says, it's in our nature to want to belong to something, whether that’s rooting for sports teams, a church community, the commonality of political parties, etc.

“Watching our families grow and share memories and laughs together are all part of the Egypt Valley community and culture,” said Meloche-Gregory. “I’m very happy with where the brand is today and how it has helped the club grow to welcome more families to share their stories.”

Today, the club is an undoubtedly a special place for Meloche-Gregory and her family.

“I remember when we first joined, someone had said it was their second home,” she said. “At the time, I wasn’t sure what that meant. But now I do.”

Meloche-Gregory and her family have traveled by car on road trips to 48 of the 50 states—with only Texas and Alaska left to visit.

“We’re hoping to complete the list this next year!”

If you see Nicole and her family around the club, be sure to say, “Hello!”

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