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Member Spotlight: Joe Pollack

Initially an Egypt Valley staff member, Joe Pollack, PGA, Sales Representative, Golf Cars Plus – Yamaha, still calls the club home today as a member.

Pollack, who was born in Chicago, eventually made his way to Michigan after playing golf professionally in Florida.

“I moved to Grand Haven and started a five-year stint at Spring Lake Country Club,” said Pollack, who shortly after went to work as an assistant under Lynn Janson for four years at Egypt Valley. “Then with two young sons and a wife in the same business, I decided to get into the sales side of golf to be able to spend more time with my kids.”

This move has paid off, Pollack says, as he’s able to spend much more time with his family.

“After working at Egypt Valley for those four years, I made many friends that I still golf with today,” said Pollack, who is going on his sixth season as a member. “My two sons, Sam, who is 15, and Will, who is 12, both like to play. Sam is more into it to have fun, and Will is really into it to the point that we’ll sometimes not be able to finish 9 holes without a beat down.”

Pollack started golfing at about 10 years old when his dad got into it at a later age. He was hooked.

“I played a lot with my dad and his friends who introduced me to the ‘scotch’ game,” said Pollack. “Once Derrek Klimek became way better than me, I no longer play that game.”

Along the way as a professional, Pollack won 12 professional tournaments, as well as playing in one particularly notable event.

“I competed in the 2005 Buick Open, where Tiger only beat me by 17 shots ... on Friday,” shared Pollack, who joined Egypt Valley as a member because he believes it to be by far the best course in the area with great people. “36 holes of perfectly conditioned golf, pace of play, ease of getting on—I've played a lot of the top courses all over the world and Egypt Valley is right up there. It's not a place that’s boring to play on a daily basis.”

“Egypt Valley,” Pollack continued, “is a beautiful spot with amazing amenities and a top-notch staff in all areas of the club. With the recent additions to the patio and other areas, it's really the best club in West Michigan and possibly the state!”

When not on the course, Pollack says he could most likely be found at the club bar.

“Against most people’s wishes,” he joked.

When asked to share something about himself that may be surprising to other members, Pollack again joked:

“I’m actually a very nice person!”

If you see Joe around the club, be sure to say “Hello!”

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