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A Record-Breaking Year

In 2019, Egypt Valley saw an all-time high for membership numbers overall, with a total of 392 full family playing equivalents.

In 2019, we had 65 new members join, calling Egypt Valley home.

Over the last two years, we’ve upped our emphasis on membership marketing and it’s certainly paid off. Consumers in the area were reached through direct mailers, emails and social media campaigns, which resulted in a wider awareness of what the club has to offer. As always, our membership remains as our greatest advocate, with word of mouth and referrals leading the way to welcome new faces to the Egypt Valley fold.

A huge thank you is also owed to Colleen Schloss, Egypt Valley’s Membership Director. Colleen has been working diligently with all the new families coming aboard to make sure they feel both informed and welcomed.

Though you may be seeing an increase amount of traffic around the club, remember that growth is good and benefits the club as a whole as new improvements to the Egypt Valley experience are made.

Members are encouraged to seek out those new faces seen around the club to introduce themselves and converse—the first step in making sure newcomers feel the same sense of home and community we pride ourselves with.

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