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Above & Beyond: Joe Mazgalis

Joe Mazgalis’ first night as an Egypt Valley Bartender was a whirlwind, between the club being especially busy and technology being less than cooperative.

Luckily, he had the experience to handle it seamlessly. Read more to hear about how Joe continues to go above and beyond for the club’s membership almost 24 years later.

You’re well known within the EVCC community. How long have you been with the club and how did you get your start? 
As of May 1, 2020, I have been at EVCC for 24 years!

I was actually hired by Susie, who was the dining room manager at the time. I was between jobs, watching a Red Wings game at the old Miracle Lanes Bowling Alley on Plainfield, talking to Susie's friend, Missy, who I knew from my days at Cannonsburg. She mentioned Susie was looking for a bartender. We talked, I came in to fill out an application and started the following Friday.

My first night was an interesting one. I was working by myself and we had a party in the Dogwood as well as the Formal, the dining room was busy and the computer was down. Fortunately, I had over ten years of experience working in really busy places, like the Amway Grand, which got me through the night. Quite the crazy start at the Valley!

What’s your favorite drink to make? 
My favorite drink to make would probably be a Moscow Mule. It’s quick to make and always delicious. 

What’s a favorite memory that sticks out in your mind throughout the years? 
I would say some of my favorite memories are working the Senior PGA tournaments. I liked meeting the pros and taking all the golfing tips they could give me.

What is something most people at EVCC don't know about you? 
I think other than riding motorcycles most of my life, something people might not know about me is that I took flying lessons when I was younger. I was around an hour or so from soloing, but because of a few circumstances that came up at the time, sadly I never finished to get my pilots license.

What's the most interesting thing about your job? 
The most interesting thing about my job is that I get to work all over the club. Whether it’s working the Main Bar, Trophy Room, outings, weddings or the occasional tiki hut shift—along with helping Chris do the inventory and liquor order—things are always kept interesting. Working with a such a great staff and dealing with an amazing membership has kept me coming back all these years with hopefully, many more to come.

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