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The Maczka Family

When the Maczka family joined Egypt Valley four years ago, they jumped right into participating in the Men’s and Women’s Leagues.

But it didn’t take long for Meredith, Sales Manager for startup Walkboard, and husband Matt, President of Team Financial Group, to realize the club offered so much more for their family than golf.

Their boys—Charlie, Ben, Will and Theo—were eager to start something new and get involved.

“They immediately suited up for the swim and dive team, picked up tennis rackets, competed in Junior PGA, qualified for the Drive, Chip and Putt, and learned the art of an ‘all you can eat’ buffet,” said Meredith, who was introduced to golf by her father at a young age and was a member of the Marian High School varsity golf team in Rochester Hills.

Matt also started golfing as a youngster and grew up playing at Silver Lake Golf course and played varsity golf at Rockford High School.

“Our membership has allowed us to carry on that tradition and expose the boys to golf at a very young age,” said Meredith. “Now that they’re getting older, it’s been great to be able to spend time on the course as a family. We're an active bunch, and love being outside whenever we can.”

Of Egypt Valley, Meredith says it’s wonderful having a place to retreat to as a family.

“We like walking the courses, enjoying the scenery and feeling like we're somewhere else,” said Meredith, adding that the challenging play and being able to enjoy a game together with family and friends is also one of her favorite parts of the club. “Having the luxury of squeezing in a quick twilight is great.”

The family environment, beautiful courses and 36 holes at Egypt Valley were a huge draw for Meredith and Matt, who moved to Grand Rapids in 2008.

“We couldn’t see our boys fitting in anywhere else,” said Meredith, when speaking of the increased play availability and ability to walk on the course to play at any point. “The golf outings are great! Whether it’s a Men's, Women's, Couples or Children's event.”

Meredith and Matt also love inviting guests to the Twilights and always have fun while enjoying a few cocktails, not to mention looking forward to the Rock the Range, which Meredith calls “the party of the year.”

When not on the golf course, Meredith could be found at the pool and the bar—saying “Hi!” to Joe Mazgalis, who has been serving up drinks at the club for almost 24 years.

Something other members may not know about the Maczka family is that they have a state champion golfer in their house.

“Our oldest son, Charlie, along with his friends, Tommy Jandernoa, Jack Cavanaugh, and Mathieu Duflo represented EVCC in the Junior PGA tournament,” said Meredith. “After winning the state title, they had the opportunity to travel to Indiana for regionals where they competed with elite golfers from three surrounding states. That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and something he will never forget!”

If you see the Maczka family around the club, be sure to stop and say, “Hello!”

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