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Member Spotlight: The Sanderson Family

Golf runs deep in the Sanderson family. In fact, it’s how Stephanie, a stay at home mom, and husband Don, an executive at Meijer, spent their first date while attending Michigan State: at the driving range.

“We have a long history with golfing,” said Stephanie who started golfing in middle school in a private league at a public course. “My grandparents were huge golfers, so I grew up watching them golf and learned from them.”

Stephanie, who insists she’s not a very good golfer, played on the girl’s golf team in high school, and notes that Don also played the sport casually while growing up.

Originally from the east side of the state, the family has lived around the Midwest, most recently relocating to Grand Rapids from Minnesota eight years ago and joining Egypt Valley a few years later.

Stephanie notes that when their daughter Maisie and son Quinn—now 9 and 11 years old—were babies, getting out and golfing wasn’t on their radar.

“When the kids were finally able to walk and talk, we looked at joining Egypt Valley as a way to bring that sport back into our lives,” said Stephanie, adding the family-inclusive environment of the club really stood out for them. “When we found out about Egypt Valley, we were excited to join and felt like this was a club we could bring our young children to, and there were things for them to do there that were interesting.”

It also gave the family an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and play their sport again.

“The kids have really come a long way in terms of golf lessons, and it’s been a lot of fun for our family,” said Stephanie. “We’re found at the pool quite a bit during the summertime and they’ve taken swim lessons through the years.”

The social events are also always a highlight for the Sanderson family.

“We really enjoy those and the kids see a lot of friends from school,” said Stephanie, noting Pub at the Club on Friday nights is a family favorite. “We love the patio in the summertime and my husband and I really enjoy the Couple’s Twilight events in the summer—we’ve done those for a number of years now.”

With having more time on their hands at the moment, the Sanderson’s have also taken to starting their own “Mommy and Maisie” and “Daddy and Quinn” golf outings.

“We try go out and play golf—and we really only play two or three holes—but it’s a way for us to leave the house and Maisie gets a little exposure to the sport and I get to swing a little and spend some one-on-one time with her,” said Stephanie.

The Sanderson family also feels grateful to have found a club with such beautiful land.

“Compared to a lot of the golf courses in the area and around the state, Egypt Valley’s courses are really challenging, hilly, beautiful and natural—and they’re well-kept,” said Stephanie. “We really enjoy the scenery when we’re out golfing.”

Other members may not know that after working for four years after college, Stephanie and Don quit their jobs, sold their car, sold their house and packed up everything they owned and went to Notre Dame to get their MBA degrees together.

If you see the Sanderson family around the club, be sure to say, “Hello!”

Also, the Sanderson family were the winners of our Putt-Putt Competition! The putt-putt course they created in their backyard was both innovative and creative. 

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