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Member Spotlight: The Ruppel Family

The Ruppel family have been members of the Egypt Valley community since spring of 2010.

Leslie, Realtor, JH Realty Partners, and husband Ken, National Director of Precision Medicine, Amplity Health, have enjoyed watching their kids—Sheridan, Addison and Kellen—grow up at the club and love that it’s always felt like family.

Among the ways the family spends time at the club is finding plenty of relaxation and enjoyment at the pool—a second home of sorts.

“All three of our kids learned to swim there and participated in the swim and dive teams,” said Leslie. “We have spent so much time at the pool over the years. When the kids were little, we'd start the day with swim practice and often stay well past lunch. The kids took tennis lessons and did the little day camps too.”

During the family’s first week at the club, Kellen—who was only two years old at the time—jumped into the pool fully clothed.

“Several lifeguards jumped right in and grabbed him,” said Leslie. “I was so embarrassed but equally impressed with the response from the guards. It was a great way for everyone to learn our names right away.”

The family has only golfed a few times over the years, but Leslie speculates Ken will start golfing again once the kids are older.

“I may join him to enjoy the views,” she joked, noting the family still takes advantage of the club year-round. “We love the Halloween party, fall hayride and especially all things at Christmas. For many years, our kids believed that Egypt Valley had an in with the ‘real’ Santa and couldn't wait to decorate their gingerbread house and have a visit with the big guy.”

Even though the kids are now 17, 15 and 12 years old, the family still goes every year to get their photo with Santa and Frosty.

“It's tradition now!” said Leslie, adding that last summer, the family really loved the outdoor concerts offered and she and Kellen even camped on the course. “It was the first time we made it all night in a tent!”

When it comes to food allergies in the family, Leslie says Egypt Valley’s chefs have always been so good about making sure the family stays safe.

“Having dinner at the pool is something we enjoy as a family and we end up there at least one or two nights a week in the summer,” said Leslie, noting that burger night is a family favorite. “Most of us love the changing menu and chef’s specials. Kellen always, always wants the Bosco sticks!”

Some of Leslie’s favorite memories have also happened at the club pool.

“Sheridan was trying to dive backwards for an entire day and kept chickening out at the last second,” said Leslie. “After probably 40 tries, she finally did it and about 25 people at the pool started clapping for her—other families, the guards and the halfway staff were cheering. It was such a cool moment.”

Additionally, Addie has loved that the Ruppel family were the first people in the pool on opening day two years in a row.

“We love inviting our friends and family to the pool and have used it to host birthday parties and showers,” said Leslie. “The staff is always so helpful.”

If you see the Ruppel family around the club, be sure to say, “Hello!”

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