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EVCC Bunker

With every down side, there is always an upside.

For the golf course maintenance team, we’ve had the best availability of employees to hire for staffing up in the past five years. It’s refreshing to be able to assemble a nice group of people who are making a big difference on how the golf course plays and looks.

When late August and early September arrive, we will be saying goodbye to the college group—which makes up most of our staff. But until then, we are going to keep getting as many projects and attention to detail items taken care of as possible. Hiring a staff before many businesses decided to bring people back to work is how we lucked out getting more people this year. It has been a great feeling to actually have enough employees to care for the property.

You would never guess that not having ball washers, bunker rakes and traffic markers out would make much of a difference, however, it saves an enormous amount of labor time when all those items don’t have to be moved and cared for. When tee markers were not out, the tee mowing on one course would be completed in over an hour sooner than normal.

Just a small fact: We realize that tee markers and rakes are needed, but I do question how much we really need ball washers anymore? It seems like most players carry a moist towel now for wiping their clubs and golf ball.

It would be nice to get rid of the traffic markers entirely. This is just not possible due to golf carts being driven in too many areas where they should not be. A prime example is that at several tee complexes where there is a turnaround area, it does not get used by several cart driving players. They instead elect to turn around on the side of the tee complex and continue to wear the grass right off of the area. Please leave all four tires on the cart path at tee and green locations and use the correct routing to get to that point. Ridge #16 is one of several that have to be continuously monitored.

Once the heat backs off a little, which is hopefully right after the member/member event, we are going to start repairing some of the damaged bunker faces on the Ridge course. The Ridge course tends to have more bunker face repair needs than the Valley, but both courses need some help. Please don't walk up the steep bunker faces, as it is much easier on your body and the face of the bunker if you exit out at the low side of the bunker.

There certainly has been a lot of golf played already this season by our members. It is great to see a wide variety of ages playing golf and enjoying their free time! Mother nature has given us a wide mixture of weather so far this season, but overall, it has been good to us. The courses are in great shape and fun to play, so keep enjoying your wonderful club.

From awesome sunrises and the wildlife throughout the property, to sunsets, plant life and aquatic life—it’s a pleasure to care for this beautiful piece of land and enjoy the natural beauty that we see every day.

- Jeff Holmes, CGCS, Golf Course Manager

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