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When Two Worlds Collide

You’re likely to recognize Colleen Schloss, Egypt Valley’s Membership Director.

You may also know that Egypt Valley works with Serendipity Media for marketing and social outreach purposes. But did you know that through this relationship, Colleen happens to work side-by-side with one of her close friends from college?

Colleen Schloss and Elena Winger, Social Media and Audience Development Coordinator with Serendipity Media, met while attending Grand Valley State University while pursuing their respective marketing degrees. Because they were on the same timeline for their degree, the pair ended up in multiple classes together, starting with Marketing Ethics and Sports Marketing.

“We’d be seated by each other and end up working together on about four or five projects,” said Colleen. “We started hanging out more after college, once our career paths started. We’d run into each other around Grand Rapids!”

One of their favorite memories together is a specific outing to grab celebratory drinks at NoCo Provisions. Because Elena was newly hired back at Serendipity—after working as an intern a couple years prior—she’d now be working with Colleen on Egypt Valley marketing.

“We hadn’t seen each other in so long,” said Elena. “But now when we see each other, no matter how much time has passed, it’s like seeing an old friend again.”

Their marketing degrees, both earned in 2017, help market the club in a multitude of ways.

“My classes have really helped me with real work experience,” said Colleen. “Whether it’s the ‘Four Ps’ of marketing or another concept, it all ties back to my current position in some way.”

Elena echoed that sentiment.

“What has helped me the most is learning about who to look to and what kind of resources to look for when you’re trying to be creative,” said Elena. “With a recent prospect campaign for the club, I looked to some of my team members, but also some resources we talked about in class to help.”

Already having a working relationship together makes communication between EVCC and Serendipity a breeze.

“It’s easier to reach out for things since we already have that relationship,” said Colleen. “Collaborating also works smoothly, since we’re used to doing projects together already!”

Outside marketing the club, you’re likely to run into both Colleen and Elena—at the same time—at one of West Michigan’s most popular breweries.

“We always see each other at Perrin,” said Elena. “It never fails!”

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