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Above & Beyond: Julie Schut

Julie Schut, Assistant Golf Professional at Egypt Valley, finds teaching people the game of golf to be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Read on to learn more about Julie!

Where did your passion for golf come from?
My passion for golf came from my love of being outside enjoying nature with my family and friends in a fun and competitive environment.

I loved playing the game, as well as the integrity and respect that surrounds it and its players. I enjoyed other sports like tennis and bowling as well, but golf was something I wanted to stick with for good.

What made you decide to become a PGA professional?
I decided to become a PGA professional because I wanted to help people enjoy the game as much as I do. I also get to work with incredible people in amazing locations—and the amount of service for charities and surrounding communities that golf provides is tough to match. It’s a game that truly brings people together!

What do you find most rewarding about working in the field of golf?
It’s such a great feeling to help people learn about golf and watching them enjoy it is a reward I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. Once they get everything together at just the right time and see that perfect shot, you can watch their face light up and they’re hooked on trying again and again to keep chasing that amazing result as many times as they can.

Have you ever had a hole in one?
I’ve never had a hole in one, but I had my first eagle at the Maroon Creek Club in Aspen, Colorado. I was playing with some members and holed out from the fairway on a par 4, which was incredibly exciting! We were all cheering and celebrating and it was one of my highlights of my summer.

What would most members find most surprising about you?
One surprising fact about me is that I have lived in three different states in four years. With Michigan as my home state, I spend a good amount of time here. But I spent seven months in Aspen, Colorado for one summer and nine months in Palm Desert, California the next winter. It was a lot of moving, but very fun to see the country.

What is the most consistent tip you find yourself giving others about their game?
Ball position. It can make such a huge difference when you’re trying to improve your game. Or, if you’re having a rough day on the course, that can be an easy fix to turn your game around.

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