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Above & Beyond: Richard Porter

Richard Porter works in Building Maintenance at Egypt Valley.

Learn how Richard made a jump from the Golf Shop to Maintenance, his favorite memory of the club and more.

Tell us about your journey here at EVCC. How did you go from the Golf Shop to Maintenance?
My journey from the Golf Shop to Maintenance started with my wife Jessica telling me we were having a baby. My first thought was: “I need to quit my job and get a 9-5 job.”

Being a golf pro was something I thought I always wanted and I do miss it sometimes. However, the hours in the summer months are very intense. Being able to spend as much time with my son was my No. 1 priority.

You just had your first child. What has been the most surprising thing about fatherhood?
The most surprising thing for me is the little joys. Like when they finish a bottle, their first smile, or when they sleep for more than four hours.

What’s a favorite memory that sticks out in your mind throughout the years?
A memory that sticks out for me was one of my first days at Egypt Valley. I went to play 9 holes, and I had never played the course before. On 11 Valley, I hit my tee shot to the right, and hit a member who was walking with his kangaroo. I rushed up to apologize, and he (surprisingly) wasn’t mad. We ended up playing the rest of the round together and he ended up becoming a great friend.

What's the most interesting thing about your position that members might not know about?
How many things we actually fix, and how many little rooms there are throughout the club for maintenance equipment. I’ve seen more of the club in the last nine months than I did all of my years prior!


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