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Egypt Valley Country Club Scholarship Foundation

Many of the young employees at Egypt Valley who mow our greens, safeguard our children at the pool, cook and serve our food, and clean our golf clubs are college bound or college students.

Their service is a leading reason that Egypt Valley excels and makes member experiences so enjoyable.

That’s why Egypt Valley is proud to be their place of employment through their college years and play a big part during this period of their lives through the Egypt Valley Country Club Scholarship Foundation. Through these scholarships, Egypt Valley has assisted doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers and many others with their education.

The club currently has 15 members on staff who are past scholarship recipients, with seven of them functioning in key leadership positions.

“It is wonderful that the Egypt Valley members created and continue to support the EVCC Scholarship Fund,” said Joe Tierney, Assistant Golf Professional and scholarship recipient. “It shows that members have an interest in the betterment of Egypt Valley employees beyond just working at the club. The funds I received went towards my PGA PGM curriculum.”

Completing this program will certify Tierney as a Class A PGA Professional, opening up many more future job opportunities.

“The funds also couldn’t have come at a better time because my wife and I were expecting our first child so we were able to save more for medical expenses and baby supplies,” Tierney explained. “Not only did the Scholarship Fund help further my career advancement, it also helped us financially at a time when a little extra help was most welcome.”

Each year, the Scholarship Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation for which contributions are fully tax deductible, provides scholarships to the employees chosen institute of higher education. The Foundation is a separate entity from the Club and is administered by the Past Presidents.

“The EVCC scholarship was so helpful to me because it helped me pay for textbooks and rent, things that financial aid isn’t as likely to go toward,” said Darion van Haren, a server at Egypt Valley. ”Being able to relieve some of the financial stress of college gave me more time to focus on doing my best work in my classes.”

Receiving the scholarship, van Haren says, definitely helped to build an even better relationship with the members and management at the club.

“I felt like the scholarship was a show of support for me as a person by the community rather than just being an employee at a restaurant,” van Haren added. “That feeling of community is one of the reasons I’ve come back year after year.”

Depending on funding, Egypt Valley typically provides 15 to 40 scholarships ranging from $250 to $1,750.  Since inception in 1992, the EVCC Scholarship Foundation has awarded scholarships totaling $545,207 to 693 employees.

“Reducing the stress and financial burden helped me to focus my time and attention on my education,” said Emily Cole, Egypt Valley Wedding & Event Coordinator. “It also allowed me some extra time to get involved in extracurriculars, which are something I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do had I not had the contribution of scholarships.”

Cole says the scholarships make employees feel appreciated, motivating them to always go the extra mile.

“I think the scholarship donation was yet another way that clearly displayed how Egypt Valley was investing in me, my growth and education,” Cole explained. “It was a no-brainer for me to stay working here throughout my college years … little did I know, leading to the start of my professional career!”

 Mike Pangle, Egypt Valley’s Director of Events, agrees.

“The EVCC Scholarship Fund was a huge help for me in my education, as I was paying for a majority of my college, so anything that was available was a huge assist to me,” Pangle said. “I actually purchased a laptop my freshman year with the scholarship that was award to me by the committee.

“For the members to go above and beyond to help with staff’s educations is an amazing and makes you appreciate your job so much more.”

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