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Above & Beyond: Nate Russo

Nate Russo started working on the Egypt Valley Culinary Team in April of 2019 and has quickly become one of the most valued members of the team, often being referred to as the “home base” of the Club’s culture.

Nate’s sense of humor and wittiness keeps everyone guessing (and laughing). Having just had his daughter Maesyn in May of this year, his superiors at the Club have been proud and extremely impressed that he’s made the transition without missing a beat.

Learn more about Nate and why Chef Ben has described him as one of the most hard-working individuals on staff.

Where did your love for cooking come from?
By accident! I didn’t find cooking, cooking found me. I started experimenting in the kitchen and it quickly became one of my favorite pastimes because of the creativity. The craft encourages you to keep learning and innovating. It’s why I’ve been doing this for nine years!         

What’s your favorite thing about the culture of the Egypt Valley kitchen? What do you appreciate the most about the people you work with?
Everyone is different, but here for the same purpose. We always have a lot of fun and get the job done. The people I work with are extremely helpful. Everyone extends grace, making it one of the most nonjudgmental and open-minded groups I’ve ever worked with. I really appreciate the freedom to cook and the Chefs let me be a part of inventing the dishes and menu items. If I have an idea, they don’t second-guess; they encourage it no questions asked.

What’s your favorite dish to cook? Why?
A Tomahawk Steak. Because it’s massive and makes me feel like a caveman. (He says with a smirk …)

Which event is your favorite to work during the year?
Member-Guest. It welcomes us into a different atmosphere—we get to be outside! It also gives us the opportunity to get to work with all departments. But mostly, being outside.

Anything else?
Yea, I’m pretty sure I work here because I have a son named Kingsley (also the name of our Sous Chef). Nobody believes me when I say that! Nobody! But it’s true. So, that’s pretty much why I work here.

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