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Above & Beyond: Dominic Luciani

Dominic Luciani, Outside Services, has had plenty of memorable experiences during his time as a team member at Egypt Valley. Read on to learn a bit more about Dominic! 

 What has been your favorite experience working at EVCC?

One of my favorite experiences this past summer would have to be the Men's Invitational Weekend. Seeing all the hard work that we put into the event pay off and just the event itself being a blast to work. It’s so cool to have a group of members that are willing to interact with the staff to make sure they are having as good of a time as they are themselves.

What is the craziest item a member has left behind in their cart?

One of the crazier things I've seen left behind were a pair of wine glasses and two empty bottles of wine. It amazes me what I will find in some carts, from hats and towels to phones and car keys, and apparently wine glasses.

What playlist would most members find you listening to?

If a member were to walk down and caught me listening to music, 9/10 times they would find me listening to a country playlist. Some of my favorites being Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs.

If members saw you outside of EVCC, what would they find you doing?

When I see a member outside of EVCC, generally they will find me playing or practicing golf!

If you could meet one famous person, who would it be and why?

Kevin Hart. I think he is such a funny person and I would love to spend a day with him.

What is one thing most members would find interesting to learn about you?

I’m related to late Pope John Paul I. He is my Dad's second cousin.

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