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The Rushmore Family


Members of Egypt Valley since 2011, the Rushmore family is involved with the sport of golf in a variety of ways. 

Kurt, who grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, started golfing when he was about seven years old, first as a willing tag-a-long to the local driving range with his father, then later as one of the neighborhood kids that would loiter around the Rammler Par 3 Course in Sterling Heights.

Jodi, on the other hand, is still starting to play the sport, having took it up to spend more time with her family. 

“While she likes the social aspect of golf, the competitive side of the game escapes her,” said Kurt, who is a Partner in a Midstream Energy Company based in Grand Rapids. The couple met in Grand Rapids in 2001 because of Jodi borrowing a bike for a triathlon.

Jodi, who grew up on a farm in eastern Iowa, has also found a renewed interest in the game by mixing it with her curiosity and passion for understanding the way the body works. The past 24 years, Jodi has worked at Spectrum Health as a Physical Therapist Assist, specializing in orthopedics. She recently obtained her Level One Certification through the Titleist Performance Institute, which allows her to perform a mobility and stability screen. With this knowledge, she helps create personalized exercise programs designed to achieve a better golf swing, with the goal of developing a practice of sorts in working with golfers in West Michigan to improve their own games.

Prior to joining Egypt Valley, Kurt and his parents were members at Green Ridge Country Club while temporarily living in the Grand Rapids area in 1979 and 1980.

“That’s where my love of the game was set in stone,” said Kurt, who says he learned his swing and the game from Lynn Janson. Kurt’s Father, Jerry, and his wife, Katie, were also members of Egypt Valley from 1998 to 2018.

The couple’s sons, Baden and Davis, also enjoying getting in on the sports action at the club.

“When our boys were really young, we appreciated the pool and the social aspect of letting our boys make friends from outside of our neighborhood,” said Kurt, adding that both boys participated in the Junior Golf Program, with Baden being part of the accelerated golf program and the Jr. PGA league, and Davis playing tennis for a couple summers. “The only EVCC awards ever won by this family have been the result of Baden, who was the 2019 Junior Club Champion, and the more important half of the Father/Son Championship of 2019.”

The family says they made the choice to join the club ultimately because of the golf courses and the challenge and beauty they bring.

“The EVCC courses are designed to allow for such a wide range of playing ability, it makes it easy to play the courses as a family,” said Kurt, emphasizing how much the family appreciates the stellar job Jeff Holmes does in keeping the courses evolved. “From the back tees, these courses are beasts—all someone can realistically ask for when they are thinning in hair, and thickening in body! But the very next day, we can play as a family from the forward or senior tees, and still make it fun and challenging.”

Up until the beginning of the pandemic, you could usually find the family in the Trophy Room.

“Between time spent at the short game area, the range and the pool, we always seemed to circle back up at the Trophy Room,” said Kurt, adding that Egypt Valley is special because it offers his family a fabulous opportunity to live outside. “It’s a place to do things together as a family and to expand our friendships.”

Something other members might not know about the Rushmores is that the only meal they can agree upon as a family is sushi, and the only activity they can agree upon as a family is mountain biking.

If you see the Rushmore family around the club, be sure to say, “Hello!”

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