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Food Allergies? We’ve Got You Covered


One of the most important aspects of food service is knowledge and careful consideration of safe practices as it relates to allergies.

Knowing that food allergies should be treated with the highest regard, no matter the level of severity, Egypt Valley’s kitchen and dining room team all understand and share the responsibility of serving food and drinks that are safe for members.

“Making the restaurant and your server aware of any allergies upon entering the dining room will help ensure we take all necessary steps to properly prepare and handle your meals,” said Chris Kleinman, Director of Food and Beverage. “We’re willing to go above and beyond to exceed the expectations for food safety for our members.”

All full-time cooks at Egypt Valley are required to complete ServeSafe allergen training, which is administered by the National Restaurant Association. The training goes in-depth with specific scenarios including receiving product, product storage, buffet service, ala carte food prep, and more.

“In the kitchen, we operate with a solid foundation of knowledge, understanding and mindfulness of allergies,” said Ben Stinson, Chef. “Knowing that our actions ultimately determine the safety and overall experiences of our guests with food allergies is something we take very seriously.”

The Egypt Valley team strives to work together to be leaders in allergen-free cooking so members can rest assured they’re protected and can enjoy all the club has to offer. 

If you have any questions about any of the menu items in the restaurant, be sure to ask your server, in addition to making sure they’re aware of any allergies prior to ordering.

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