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Above & Beyond: Zachary Brady


Learn what Zachary Brady, Banquet Chef for Egypt Valley, does in his spare time and what his all-time favorite EVCC dish is. It just might be yours, too!

You’ve been promoted to our Banquet Chef! What’s involved with this new promotion?

With this promotion, I’m in a leadership role in the kitchen. Primarily with our banquet team, but also all of the kitchen staff. I'll essentially be leading our banquet kitchen team in all of our banquet events, such as weddings, member events, golf outings, etc.

What got you into the culinary field?

It was something that I started doing while I was going to school, and I found that I enjoyed the kitchen environment a lot more than I did the classroom environment. So I ended up shifting my focus to cooking.

What’s your favorite dish served at EVCC?

My favorite dish that we ever served was the bulgogi beef with kimchi fried rice.

If you could meet a famous chef, who would that be and why them?

Anthony Bourdain, just because he seemed down to earth. He seemed like the kind of chef you could have a beer with, and I feel like I could have learned a lot just from having a conversation with him.

When you’re not in the kitchen, what would members find you doing most?

Probably spending time with my girlfriend, family and friends. We play a lot of board games and just hang out all the time.

What would most of your coworkers be surprised to learn about you?

I love playing music and I can somewhat play the piano, ukulele, guitar and drums. I'm not amazing at any of them, but I love getting together with a group of people and jamming with them.

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