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Member Spotlight: Anne and Scott Curwin


Anne and Scott Curwin moved to Grand Rapids in the spring of 2017 for Anne’s job from Charlotte, North Carolina. The couple, who both enjoy golf, immediately started to research golf clubs in the area.

EVCC quickly rose to the top of their list, which comes as no surprise to anyone who loves the Club.

Anne, who is President of Oliver Healthcare Packaging—a Grand Rapids-based company that makes sterile-barrier packaging used by medical device and pharmaceutical companies— started golf as a young girl.

“My father loved to golf (he was terrible, but never gave up) and once I showed any kind of interest, I was recruited to be my father’s golf buddy,” Anne said. Though babies, college and her career have gotten in the way at different times, Anne stuck with it and golf has become an important way of meeting and connecting with other women.

Scott, a retired Dean of Students and Athletic Director who now spends his time cooking, golfing and running the house, never played golf as a child but wanted to try it.

“He even caddied for a time at Northland Country Club in Duluth, Minnesota,” Anne said. Scott is an accomplished hockey player and was named a two-time, first team All American in college. Already having the strength and coordination, he found a gateway to golf once he met Anne (and her golf-loving dad).

“He took it up in his mid-twenties and was able to get down to a single-digit handicap in a short time,” Anne recalled, explaining that though hockey took its toll on Scott’s hips, he’s now recovering from his second hip-replacement surgery. “He hopes this will give him super-human power and get him back to a single digit handicap!”

The availably of 36 holes and the robust and active women’s league at the Club were the deciding factors for Anne and Scott becoming members.

“This is our fifth summer at EVCC and we love it!” Anne said. They both enjoy the diversity of the golf holes and find the multiple tees offer a fun round for all players. “The condition of the courses is always excellent and since we bring guests out regularly, it’s great to know that the courses are in great shape and offer an excellent experience for our guests.”

Outside of golf, the couple enjoys additional hobbies, including collecting and drinking wine. 

“We love visiting wine regions throughout the country and world and will talk about wine with anyone who will listen!” Anne said. “We love to share and taste wine with friends, old and new. We hope EVCC will implement wine lockers (hint hint).”

Anne is also especially interested in fabric arts and crafts, experimenting with bag-making and quilting. While she hasn’t gotten into selling her wares, she enjoys giving what she makes as gifts or donations.

Scott spends his spare time recipe hunting and cooking.

“One of his favorite things to do is fire up the wood fired pizza oven for large groups and neighbors,” Anne said, noting when they’re not on the golf course at the Club, they could often be found at the bar. “Scott and I are ‘bar eaters’—in most restaurants, we find the bar to be the most interesting place to enjoy a meal out.”

The couple has two grown sons: Clay and Jake.

Clay, who is 28 and lives in Faribault, Minnesota, is the GM at the Legacy Golf Course there.

“He played college golf and went back ‘home’ to Minnesota after graduating from Central College in Pella, Iowa,” Anne said. “Clay’s high school alma mater owns the golf course where he works, so he is an alum and employee!”

Jake, who is 26 and lives outside of Chicago, also played college golf at Northern Illinois University (NIU) and stayed in Chicago after graduation.

“He works in sales and plays quite a lot of golf,” Anne said. “Both have played and love EVCC!”

The couple says that Egypt Valley is the kind of club that makes everyone feel welcome.

“I love how many young members there are, how many women play and how much fun everyone is having,” Anne said. “We feel so comfortable there and as new members, we really felt welcomed right from the beginning!”

Other members might not know that Anne and Scott both come from big families, with Anne having eight siblings and Scott having five.

“When you add extended families, the numbers can get big, fast!” Anne said.

Another interesting fact? Scott is Canadian!

“I call that his super power,” Anne joked.

If you see the Curwins around the Club, be sure to say, “Hello!”

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