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Jennifer Pascua Reflects on Golf Lessons at Egypt Valley

For five weeks, WZZM’s Jennifer Pascua spent time here at Egypt Valley Country Club taking golf lessons—something new to her.

She just recently wrapped up her last session.

Our own PGA Head Golf Professional and Egypt Valley instructor Mike McGonigal gave Jennifer tips and taught her the necessary skills along the way. We sat down with Jennifer afterwards to get her take on how she felt she did, why she chose to learn to golf at Egypt Valley and where she think’s she’ll go with the sport from here.

EVCC: What made you choose to try golf?

JP: When I turned 40 two years ago, I vowed that I would try EVERYTHING that I’ve always wanted to try—even if I’m not great at it. I never understood why golf was so appealing for thousands. I always saw it as slow, boring and too time-consuming. But having spent time at Egypt Valley CC, my eyes were open to how fun it can be.

EVCC: Is golf a sport you think you will continue playing?

JP: Will I continue playing? I’m definitely more likely to sign up for more scrambles than playing a full game, until I get better.

EVCC: What was the hardest part about learning golf at this stage of life?

JP: I’m competitive, so the hardest part for me is not being a golf pro after five lessons.

EVCC: What did you find to be the most fun part of the game?

JP: The moment I actually HIT the ball and could see my personal growth.

EVCC: What advice would you give to others interested in learning the game?

JP: Bring along patience, don’t be so hard on yourself as you’re learning, and get Mike McGonigal as your instructor. He was the BEST!

Jennifer’s final lesson consisted of a friendly competition with WZZM’s Catherine Behrendt in the areas of etiquette, longest drive and best putt—all judged by Mike McGonigal. Who won? Find out the results and learn about the rest of Jennifer’s lessons, through the links below.

Basic Skills | Chipping | Putting | The Final Showdown

If you’re interested in taking lessons or signing up someone in your family, feel free to contact us. And don’t forget to follow our Egypt Valley Country Club social channels, if you aren’t already on Facebook and Instagram!

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