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Member Insider: Norm Byrne

We sat down with Norm Byrne to get a closer look at his unique connection to Egypt Valley Country Club and learn why he loves being a member.

Norm Byrne knows a thing or two about Egypt Valley, considering he grew up on farm located an eighth of a mile down the road. Norm and his family still live on the edge of that farm. Today, he looks back with nostalgia at the land from that time.

“I remember when the Egypt Valley grounds were our snowmobile trails!” Norm said. “Our main trail went through right where the Clubhouse is today.”

He and his wife, Rosemary, became members two years before Egypt Valley was renamed and relocated to its current location. You could say they’ve really always been here. Though he’s not much of a golfer, Norm regularly brunches at the club and spends time with his family, who are also members and golfers.

Norm is pleased to see Egypt Valley be what it is today—knowing it would otherwise have been developed for housing. He’s also happy to see an increase in young people coming to the club, people he hopes will keep it thriving for many years to come.

Norm and Rosemary started Byrne Electrical out of their basement 47 years ago, after a customer from Norm’s old electrical company employer inquired about help with electrical harnesses to carry power to dashboards and other instruments on boats.

“I could do that for you,” Norm said.

Equipment was purchased, the job was carried out and others followed. Many others.

The rest is history. Over the years, Norm and Rosemary’s adventures and growth took Byrne Electrical from their Ada basement to downtown Grand Rapids to Byrne Electrical’s current home, sweet home: Rockford.

“There will always be ups and downs,” said Norm, “but we’ve been very fortunate.”

If you see Norm around the club, be sure to stop and say “Hello!”

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