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Employee Spotlight: Colleen Schloss

We sat down with Colleen Schloss, Egypt Valley Country Club Membership Director, to learn more about what drew her to the club, what she loves most about giving tours and why you’ll never find her being the “odd one out.”

What brought you to EVCC?
While I was a senior at Grand Valley, I was actively seeking a marketing or events internship so I could stay in the Grand Rapids area for the summer. During my search, I found a posting for an Egypt Valley events intern. After looking at pictures of the course and the clubhouse—as well as learning everything the internship would teach me—I knew this was where I wanted to work for the summer.

I applied and was fortunate enough to be picked as an events intern in Egypt Valley’s first program.

After completing my internship, I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time job as the Membership Director. Although this was not what I was doing during my internship, Bo assured me I would also get to work on the events side of things. I immediately knew this would be the perfect first career choice for me and I feel so lucky to have been offered this opportunity.

What is the most unique question you’ve ever been asked during a tour?
I occasionally get asked why a prospect should choose Egypt Valley over one of the other clubs in the area. This is one of my favorite questions to get asked, and it’s not asked as much as you might think! It gives me a chance to tell prospects even more about why this is such a great place. It’s a place for families to build their roots, make memories and form a community of friendships through our membership.

On top of building member relationships, our staff does a great job at building relationships with members, from knowing a member’s name to their particular drink and sandwich order. We also get to celebrate with our members when they throw birthday parties, retirement parties and weddings here. We LOVE knowing about those milestones—and the fact that so many of our members choose to come to the club to celebrate both the little and big things means a lot to us. I am fortunate that I get to be the one to relay that message to prospects firsthand.

When you aren’t at EVCC, how would members find you spending your time?
I love food and entertainment. Grand Rapids is a great place to live for that! I like going to comedy shows downtown, checking out new and old restaurants, and also venturing to Detroit for the day for a Pistons or Red Wings Game. On a smaller scale, I love to go to yoga, go shopping and hang out with friends when I’m away from the club!

What do you love most about your job?

My favorite part of this job is the team that I get to work with and be a part of. I am so fortunate to work with this group of people! They are always so willing to help and are a huge reason I was able to catch onto this job as quickly as I did.

As the Membership Director, I feel that I need to know every department at the club, what they do, and all the important information about them. This entire team is always so open to helping me learn those things. I feel like I have a new question to ask every day and everyone is always so open to helping. It is refreshing to be able to call on my co-workers for help. We’re like an Egypt Valley family!

What are three things most people don’t know about you?

  1. I studied abroad in England for five months while I was in college. That trip really gave me the travel bug and now I try and plan a trip one or two times a year to explore the U.S. and abroad.

  2. I can juggle a bowling ball.

  3. This is a weird one … But I hate odd numbers. The volume in the car or on the TV always has to be on an even number. I even go as far as to count how much of a snack—golf fish, M&Ms, pretzels, et cetera—I have eaten to make sure it’s an even number. Mostly just with little things, but I even remember as a kid getting upset with my parents if the volume was on an odd number.

If you see Colleen around the club, be sure to say “Hello.”

And maybe ask her about that juggling trick.

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