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Member Spotlight: Jack Meyering

Successful entrepreneur and longtime Egypt Valley Country Club member Jack Meyering has seen it all when it comes to Club changes and evolutions—from the Green Ridge to Egypt Valley transition on.

Learn why Jack considers the membership at Egypt Valley to be members of the “Hard Work Club.”

Back in 1974, Jack Meyering joined many of his friends and business associates in becoming a member of Green Ridge Country Club.

“It was at that time, after growing and structuring my business, that I felt I could take time to learn the game of golf and enjoy being with and developing stronger friendships with such great people,” said Jack, who was president of Green Ridge when a realtor approached him about buying the club.

“At first, I shrugged it off as someone looking for a listing. However, they proposed buying the frontage we owned along Alpine Avenue because they wanted to develop a strip mall. I told them that would be impossible, since it would leave us with a 14-hole golf course.”

The realtor persisted and Jack finally told them it would take a completely new facility, within 15 minutes of downtown Grand Rapids. It would have to include a 40,000-square-foot clubhouse, two 18-hole golf courses, tennis, a large pool and a maintenance building—and no downtime between the purchase and new facility.

When the firm agreed, Jack found it was possible to proceed with a vote of the board of directors only, yet insisted a vote of the membership was vital.

“As you can imagine, this was a volatile time with members who lived in the Sparta area and those who had bought or built homes in the hills around Green Ridge,” said Jack.

“The ‘Yes’ vote prevailed and, due to the dedication and professionalism of our board and those that followed, they insisted the purchaser guarantee the transaction with a letter of credit.”

Jack and his family have continued their Egypt Valley membership over the years, because of the location and because of the loyalty they feel to the Club and the wonderful people who make up the membership.

“Because we’re in Florida during the winter months and Charlevoix during the summer months, my time in Ada is limited to spring and fall, so my time at Egypt Valley includes mostly dining and some golf these days,” said Jack, who holds Emeritus status at the Club—an honor bestowed upon those entering their 45th year of membership.

“My sons and their families always look forward to their visits to Egypt Valley.”

When asked about the changes at Egypt Valley today, Jack expressed excitement with how great everything is and notes the Club only gets better with every improvement.

“It’s all due to the hard work and dedication of our board and management—my hats off to them!”

Jack is aware his life has been blessed in many ways.

“Some would say lucky!”

But he truly believes in the old saying, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”  

He also believes many Egypt Valley members are members of the Hard Work Club.

In between visits to the club, you can find Jack enjoy boating in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, as well as traveling the route to and from Florida and Charlevoix via the Mississippi River, Atlantic Ocean, Hudson River and other waterways. He and his wife, Char, also spend time volunteering with Wellspring and the Salvation Army.

When you see Jack and his family at the Club, be sure to say “Hello!”

Main Image:

Top left to right:  Jack Meyering., Gib Thomas, Jim VanOosten, Cliff Aldrin, Terry Olson
Lower left to right:  Jack & Char Meyeing, Jim and Mary Jane VanOosten
Center:  L-R   Jim VanOosten, Terry Olson, Jack Meyering
Lower right:  Jim VanOosten, Jim LeDuc (General Manager), Jack Meyering





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