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Food Allergies? We’ve Got You Covered

  One of the most important aspects of food service is knowledge and careful consideration of safe practices as it relates to allergies.   Read More

The Rushmore Family

  Members of Egypt Valley since 2011, the Rushmore family is involved with the sport of golf in a variety of ways.    Read More

The Egypt Valley Italian Café

  This aromatic and caffeinated delight is a cocktail worth slowing down for. With herbal and coffee notes, this Italian Café has a little something for everyone.   Read More

  In its 100-year history, Egypt Valley Country Club has been led by some of the finest leaders in the club industry. As we kick off the next 100 years, EVCC is proud to welcome Kyle Lundy as the club’s new General Manager.   Read More

  Emily Potgeter, a server for Egypt Valley, is always down for some spicy food from the kitchen. She also has a unique and creative talent that might surprise you! Keep reading to learn more about Emily and her Egypt Valley journey.   Read More