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How to Get Involved at the Club

Egypt Valley prides itself on being an active and vibrant community, and your membership allows for plenty of opportunities to get involved and connect with others.   Read More

Above & Beyond: Joe Mazgalis

Joe Mazgalis’ first night as an Egypt Valley Bartender was a whirlwind, between the club being especially busy and technology being less than cooperative.   Read More

Member Spotlight: The Brown Families

The Brown family certainly has history with Egypt Valley Country Club, which has become important to them in a variety of ways since they joined in the early ‘00s.   Read More

A Record-Breaking Year

In 2019, Egypt Valley saw an all-time high for membership numbers overall, with a total of 392 full family playing equivalents.   Read More

Above & Beyond: Ben Kingsley

Egypt Valley Sous Chef, Ben Kingsley, has been in restaurants and kitchens his whole working career.   Read More