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Egypt Valley Takes on Pinot Camp

Chris Kleinman, Director of Food and Beverage Service, and Nicole Simington, Dining Room Service Manager, each attended Pinot Camp in the Willamette Valley in Oregon—Chris in 2017 and Nicole in 2019.   Read More

Gingered Apple Sparkler

With fall sneaking in closer and closer, you may be starting to crave some of those warm autumn flavors.   Read More

Above & Beyond: Dawn Boertman

Egypt Valley Pastry Chef, Dawn Boertman, is passionate about food not only looking good—but tasting good, too!   Read More

2019 Club Champions

This year, Egypt Valley’s tournaments have seen talent from players of all ages, true sportsmanship and some undeniably great golf.   Read More

Sensational Lettuce Wraps

On the quest for a dish that’s filling, fun to customize and still provides ample nutritional value?   Read More