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Member Spotlight: Joe Pollack

Initially an Egypt Valley staff member, Joe Pollack, PGA, Sales Representative, Golf Cars Plus – Yamaha, still calls the club home today as a member.   Read More

Member Spotlight: Maggie Lancaster

Maggie Lancaster, CEO of Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, remembers joining Egypt Valley in 2003 like it was yesterday.   Read More

Above & Beyond: Emily Cole

Emily Cole, Egypt Valley’s Event Coordinator, didn’t always know she was going to be rocking the world of event planning.   Read More

Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus

The bounty of autumn meets the Mediterranean with this cozy twist on a classic hummus.   Read More

Member Spotlight: Nicole Meloche-Gregory

Nicole Meloche-Gregory remembers the exact day her and her husband became members at Egypt Valley.   Read More