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Member Spotlight: The High School Players of EVCC

Rising golf stars don’t simply become masters of their craft without a genuine love for the game—and plenty of practice.   Read More

Member Profile: Jen and Darren Delvaux

Jen and Darren Delvaux are open books—and for good reason.   Read More

Employee Spotlight: Mike Westgate

Egypt Valley’s new pool manager, Mike Westgate, has a vast background in aquatics and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with those at the club.   Read More

Peach Moscow Mule

When seeking the ultimate spring refreshment, look no further than this thirst-quenching mule—complete with a twist of something fruity.   Read More

Above and Beyond: Christy Reece

We sat down with Christy Reece, Head Horticulturalist at Egypt Valley to learn more about her green thumb, advice for those who don’t have one, and what she does for fun outside of the club.   Read More