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Member Spotlight: Christopher Hufnagel

For as long as he can remember, Christopher Hufnagel has been fascinated with golf—from working as a caddie growing up to now delving into the science of golf course design and even dabbling in hickory golf.   Read More

Buddha Bowl

Here is our take on a macro bowl—which is very trendy as of late! In this bowl, you’ve got a meal that contains everything you need: protein, carbohydrates, and good fats.   Read More

Employee Spotlight: Colleen Schloss

We sat down with Colleen Schloss, Egypt Valley Country Club Membership Director, to learn more about what drew her to the club, what she loves most about giving tours and why you’ll never find her being the “odd one out.”   Read More

Member Spotlight: The VandenBerg Family

The VandenBerg family has deep roots at Egypt Valley Country Club—and to them, it’s more than just their favorite place to golf; it’s family, too.   Read More

Stay on Top of Your Game!

Egypt Valley’s golf simulator located in the Trophy Room is a wonderful way to keep your golf game from getting rusty during the winter months.   Read More