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Employee Spotlight: Jenna and Alex Myers

As a couple, Jenna and Alex Myers met in college seven years ago, got married and recently welcomed a daughter into the world, Maisy. They also work alongside each other at Egypt Valley!

EVCC members have likely seen Jenna taking care of members on the main floor or working various events around the club as a service professional, with her primary responsibility being to provide a positive dining experience for members by promptly providing food, drinks and a smile. As a line cook, Alex’s responsibilities lie primarily within the kitchen, working on the line for dinner service, while occasionally assisting the back kitchen with banquet prep if needed.

Keep reading to get to know the Myers!

Please tell us about your background and where your passion for your work comes from! Explain a bit about your Egypt Valley journey and how you came to work at the Club.

Jenna: My background starts on a family beef farm, and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my love for cows with a few members. My passion for my job as a server stems from nine years in the service industry. I started as a cashier at TSC while in high school and grew to a server and bartender at various restaurants. Over the years, I have developed a love for encouraging positive vibes and good conversations. I found my way to Egypt Valley when Alex and I started house shopping in the Grand Rapids area. I grew up over an hour away and knew I’d need to find something closer and more fulfilling than my previous job at Applebees. The timing worked out perfectly and Egypt Valley was extremely short staffed when I was hired in the fall of 2021. I immediately fell in love with the work environment, my coworkers and the members.

Alex: My passion comes from bringing smiles and good food to the members. As a kid, my parents owned a bar in a small town in McBride. I grew up going to the workplace a lot and watching everyone there have a great time. Seeing how my family interacted with guests made me want to do something with food because I loved to cook with my mom in our spare time. Fast forward to 2018, I started as a grill cook at Culvers, and quickly moved my way to AGM before realizing that I wanted a different change of pace. I found my home at EVCC in 2022, and have loved it ever since! The freedom to make fun and intricate dishes allows me to show my creative side to the members, and knowing they enjoy the food we put out means the world to me.

What’s your favorite part of your job at the Club?

Jenna: It’s hard to pick a single favorite part about my job at the Club. I love connecting with members and their families and catching up with them while taking care of them. I love being out on the west patio on the beautiful summer evenings and working baby showers on the north porch. I also thoroughly enjoy working the various fun events at the club such as the Princess/Superhero Brunch, holiday brunches and weddings.

Alex: My favorite part about the job is being able to interact with all of my fellow employees. At EVCC we’ve created a great environment in the kitchen where everyone is comfortable and are able to be themselves. Having an environment like this is hard to come by, so being able to be a part of one is a great feeling.

What’s something surprising/interesting about you that members might not know?

Jenna: Something interesting about me that members may not know yet would be my farming background. I am still involved in my family farm and I own my own beef cattle, which I use for show and for selling beef directly to customers. Before I aged out of showing, I used to take our cattle to multiple shows around Michigan and compete with them. If you’ve seen the fluffy cow TikToks, I used to be their stylist who made them fluffy. I’m still a part of the cattle showing world, but my role has changed to providing baby fluffy cows for kids to show.

Alex: Something interesting is that I am obsessed with Scooby-Doo and gaming. I’ve collected Scooby-Doo items for most of my life, and have a vast collection. Now that we have welcomed our daughter Maisy KayLynn Myers to the world on Leap Day (Feb 29) this year, I’m able to make her nursery Scooby-Doo themed and pass on my collection to her.

When you’re not at the Club, what could you be found enjoying?

Jenna: Outside of Egypt Valley, my time is primarily spent taking care of our baby girl. When I have time for myself, I can be found at my family farm with my cows, gardening in my backyard, enjoying lake life during the summer or listening to a book.

Alex: When I'm not at the Club, most of my time is being spent with our daughter, enjoying watching her grow, and developing her own personality. When I have spare time, I’m mostly at the computer gaming with friends that I've met from all walks of life.

Anything additional you’d like to add?

Jenna: I genuinely enjoy working here at EVCC and I look forward to catching up with the members when I come back to work. I didn’t get the opportunity to share the exciting news with more than just a few members while I was pregnant. Maisy unexpectedly tried to enter this world two months earlier than her due date, and I was in the hospital on bedrest for a few weeks until she was delivered. We are both doing very well—she just wanted to make her own plans! A fun connection to EVCC is that I got her name Maisy from a couple of young ladies who attend the club!

Alex: Additionally, I’d like to thank EVCC for allowing me and my wife an opportunity to be a part of this article to share a little bit of our lives with the members.