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Employee Spotlight: Uyen Nguyen

As Pastry Assistant at the Club, Uyen Nguyen has a hand in recipe development, making in-house breads and doughs, creating specials, assisting in creating dishes for wine nights, and being a great assistant to Chef Andi. Take a minute to get to know Uyen better!

Please tell us about your background and where your passion for your work comes from.
Born in Grand Rapids, I originally received a bachelor of arts in English and literature but found baking to be my passion. Food is a love language in my family and I’m here to showcase my childhood, and overall good memories I had with food. I took interest in taking traditional French pastries and giving them a contemporary, East/Southeast Asian twist.

I started my baking career working at grocery stores frosting cakes, to working with vegan, gluten-free pastries. I moved to Chicago to learn and experience classic to elevated French pastries and worked alongside talented mentors and Michelin-starred chefs. This experience changed my perspective on baking.

Explain a bit about your Egypt Valley journey and how you came to work at the Club!
I hadn’t had experience working in a banquet style kitchen and I wanted to expand my knowledge in that field.

What’s your favorite part of your job at the Club?
I like making specials and having that creative space and outlet for it.

If members were looking for some custom pastry work, how can the Club help accommodate their requests?
Karen would be able to take the order, or transfer the call to the pastry kitchen, and we can work together to create your vision.

When you’re not at the Club, what could you be found enjoying?
I still bake at home, go out for coffee, hang out with my partner and my cat, Kimchi.

As a reminder, the Club is able to accommodate custom pastry needs for members!