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President's Letter - May 2022

A Full Season at EVCC

As spring at Egypt Valley begins to kick into high gear, a common theme is emerging: Full!

The weather is turning and we have the promise of a full season of fun and camaraderie at the Club ahead of us. Our membership is currently full, with a waitlist for both playing and social members. Our Finance, Greens and House Committees are currently evaluating a full slate of options for future investment in 2022, 2023 and beyond; we hope to share exciting news in this regard in the coming months.

Our social calendar is coming together nicely, and with over 750 people attending Easter Brunch and another 800 plus attending Mother’s Day Brunch (both recent records), our banquet events have been full this year.

Finally, once again within the theme, we are proud to announce our staffing is near full, at least relative to the past few years. We have been able to significantly increase our staffing levels as planned, which we expect will further improve your member experience this year. In addition, we have officially announced the hiring of Jillian Farrell to serve as an Assistant Golf Professional. We are thrilled to have Jillian come aboard, as she has a great golf background and will certainly add even more value to our golf programs.

Having a full and busy club doesn’t come without its challenges. The demand on our courses is at an all-time high, and we have seen some on the golf course not following the “cart path only” rule when required. Unfortunately, this has resulted in damaged areas that Jeff and his team have had to focus on, instead of preparing the rest of the property for the season. It’s important to note that while all instances were unintentional, the offenders were both newer and well-tenured members. As members of Egypt Valley, we need to all view the Club as if we are the owners. If the course is wet, please treat it like you would treat your front yard and keep the four wheels of the carts on the paved surfaces. This will ensure the best possible conditions for the membership and guests to the property.

While the weather in April was not ideal for those of us who like to golf, it’s quickly turning and we expect the activity at the Club to increase as a result. The new app that Kyle announced this week works great for setting tee times or booking dining or social reservations, so give it a try.

Get out to Egypt Valley and use your Club—we are all very fortunate to be members of this community, so enjoy it!

Justin Karl
Club President