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Letter From the President


As we head into the month of May, the activities at the Club start to pick up and we get to see the courses and facilities at Egypt Valley come to life. As Jeff has reported, our courses made it through the winter months in great condition—when the weather cooperated in April, we had great golf activity. Our staffing levels are also increasing as we get ready to dive into the best and most active time of the year; we are currently up to 137 employees, and will peak at nearly 240 in the summer months. Since it has been a challenge in recent years, we are happy to report we’re already close to having a full staff for the season!

Our membership is also approaching full, with over 540 playing members as of this writing, and several prospective new member candidates considering the final few openings before a waitlist would need to be established. With a nearly full and engaged membership, we have seen excellent participation in our golf events, leagues and junior activities. For those who may have missed it, we have a few new programs in our junior activities with Operation 36 and SNAG golf. Operation 36 is for golfers aged 11-14 that maybe are just beginning with the game. It’s an eight week development model meant to help build the skills necessary to play the game without the competition of some other programs. SNAG Golf is for our youngest golfers, aged 4-6, that uses unique equipment and teaching styles to introduce the game to little ones in a fun way. Of course, we have all of our junior tennis and junior swimming programs, and our recently announced Camp Egypt Valley throughout the summer. If you would like to but haven’t had a chance, please contact the staff and sign up your juniors!

As we move further into the full season, we now provide weekly communications on what is happening at the Club. Whether it is through the weekly emails, Connect With Kyle, letters from Jeff or Mike, the Club always strives to keep our members well informed of all the events and updates at the Club. Last week, Kyle mentioned we can provide updates right through the Member Application if you have notifications turned on. Also, look for signs throughout the clubhouse and entrances. We are always open to other ways of making sure our members are up to speed, so please feel free to provide other suggestions on how best to receive information from the Club.

Finally, a few updates on the facilities; we are hopeful to have the Valley Patio project complete prior to Memorial Day. This is something that is going to be an awesome spot to relax after a round and enjoy watching others come up the 18th hole. We are prepared to refurbish the Ridge Halfway with new paint, flooring, vanities and toilets, and that work will begin in the next few weeks. We also will be opening the Trophy Room exclusively for breakfast beginning on May 2. The Trophy Room will be open 6:30 – 11:00 am Tuesday through Sunday. Our members have expressed an interest in having a more robust breakfast option, and should help accomplish that while best utilizing the space.

The staff and Board are excited for the 2023 season, and we look forward to seeing you at the Club!