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Letter from the President

Justin Karl, Club President

The momentum at Egypt Valley continues to build as we head into June. Recently at the Club, I saw a family celebrating their five-year-old’s graduation from Kindergarten and it hit me that in a few short weeks, all of the schools will be out and the Club will be bustling with junior activities. At that point, things will truly be in full swing and there will be something going on at the Club nearly every day for the next several months.

Next up in June is the Fro-Yo & Field Day, the Member-Guest tournament, the Rock the Range Party, the Father’s Day Celebration, a Tie-Dye Party and the Tween Party, as well as all of the other activities, including the pool being open. With over 660 current members (544 playing, just six short of our limit) and 240 employees, EVCC is going to be a very busy place!

Our goal continues to be to have an engaged membership, and we found out recently just how engaged our members are. Mike McGonigal sent out a letter in May regarding member etiquette and the dress code. Mike did a great job outlining the Club’s expectations, and why the rules in place are important at Egypt Valley. Almost immediately after, comments and emails began flooding in to our Professionals, EVCC’s management team and the Board from the membership supporting Mike and the team’s efforts to hold our members and their guests accountable to our rules and expectations. While Egypt Valley has long been a fun place to be—and it is the goal to keep it that way by not being over burdensome with rules—there is no doubt there is a lot of pride amongst our members in the Club and they appreciate the level of decorum our rules require.

For those who have been on the golf courses recently, I suspect you have been as impressed as many others with the level of course conditions early in the year. Jeff has as deep of a staff as he has had in years and is continuing to build out the team with a few more full-time employees to be able to handle the shoulder months and off season. The Board has allocated some additional funding for new or updated equipment to help maintain the property, and most have now been received, with supply chain issues causing the last several pieces to get delayed to 2024. Jeff and his staff, with support of the Greens Committee, continue to think of ways to help improve the conditions and aesthetics of the golf course. Over the coming weeks, you will notice new tee markers on the courses, as well as more boxes of sand and seed mix on the par threes, to make it easier to fill divots.

From a financial standpoint, the Club continues to operate at, or slightly ahead of budget. We should have the most up to date information to benchmark our financial position against other country clubs for planning purposes, and we are in a good position to continue to invest in the Club. While we had a setback from a timing standpoint in getting a few needed materials for the Valley Patio project overlooking the no. 18 green, we do expect that to be opened before the end of June. The planning for the upgrade to the irrigation pump house and range renovation are on track, and we have a few other capital projects planned throughout 2023, with our teams working on the best way to execute those throughout the season.

In the coming years, we have some bigger capital projects, and our various committees and Boards are working on prioritizing and budgeting for those investments. Overall, it is an exciting time to be at Egypt Valley. I hope to see you all at the Club soon!