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Letter from the President: Annual Meeting Tonight!

Justin Karl, Club President

As the season begins to wind down, it is important to update our membership on many of the good things that have happened at Egypt Valley this year. I hope everyone reading this will be able to join us today (Monday, September 26) at the annual meeting for a full update on the season and our plans for the future. Please allow me to provide a few brief comments here for those who can’t make it tonight.

From a membership standpoint, the Club remains at capacity with eight playing members on the waitlist. We are in a strong financial position and are on budget with our 2022 forecast. As we prepare for the 2023 season, we are financially in a position to continue updating and improving the property, even after the $4.4M of capital improvements we invested in 2022. For the balance of the year, we expect to do more cart path work, as well as install the new full facility generator in October and embark on a small project overlooking 18 Valley green to be known as Valley Vista. Look for more information on this exciting new project in the coming weeks!

During 2022, we have already had over 34,000 rounds golf played and hosted 4,800 guests to the property during our 28 outings. Many of these outings have generated significant income for important charitable foundations in our community. The Club’s goal was to accomplish all of this while also continuing to improve the day-to-day member experience, and in my opinion, we have succeeded in that endeavor in 2022.

We have had very good feedback on our food and beverage operations, our improved pool facilities have been very well received, junior activities have never been better attended, and of course, the golf courses have been in great shape all year. We owe a sincere gratitude to the staff who have worked so hard this year to accomplish all that we have. With all of our seasonal employees, we are now operating the Club with 13 total golf course maintenance staff for the two courses, nine full-time restaurant front of house employees, and we are down from 33 pro shop team members to eight, with only one morning outside service staff member. Needless to say, handling the highest volumes we’ve ever had can be quite the challenge at the end of the year!

One of the areas that our staff has spent more time on recently is rule enforcement. Golf is a game of integrity, respect for your playing companions and respect of the golf course. The rules we have at EVCC are designed with the game of golf in mind and respect for our fellow members. The staff have the sometimes-unenviable task of enforcing the rules that we—the members—have set, and I am sure you can all imagine that it’s not fun. Because the staff is enforcing the members’ rules, disrespect to the staff is the same as disrespect to your fellow members and this will not be tolerated at Egypt Valley. The Board has explicitly asked the staff to enforce the rules of the Club, as they were designed with our overall membership experience in mind. Therefore, please do not be surprised if a staff member politely asks for our dress code to be followed to be able to use the golf course or clubhouse facilities, or if a tee starter requires a group to wait for their reserved time before teeing off.

Obviously, we all should know that if the course is closed, it’s closed for a reason and is closed to all members. And of course, destruction to property, our facilities or carts may merit suspension or worse from being a member of Egypt Valley. Although this seems obvious, it does need to be communicated clearly to all so there is no question of when, why or if a rule will be enforced.

Like many others, I have friends that belong to other country clubs in the area, and of course they have pride in their facilities and community, but they don’t have what we have here at Egypt Valley. We have a wonderful community of members who are all here to enjoy the facilities and camaraderie of belonging to a private club and a team of staff who want to support that.

If you have taken the time to open this message and read to the end, I know that you also have great pride in being here at Egypt Valley—I thank you for that. Our team has dedicated their professional careers to being in a service industry; they do this because it gives them satisfaction to see our members enjoy being at the Club and we cannot take their efforts for granted!

Thank you all and I look forward to seeing you at the Club!