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Meet the Mossing Family

Mark and Carolyn Mossing—who raised their family in Grand Rapids after relocating to the city in 1994 for Mark’s job with Steelcase—have a great deal of history with Egypt Valley. The couple’s two daughters (Lindsey, 40, and Laura, 35) grew up enjoying all the Club has to offer and continue to do so today with the Mossing’s three grandchildren.

Shortly after coming to Grand Rapids, Carolyn went back to school at Grand Valley State University to become a Physician’s Assistant, a career which she enjoyed for over 20 years, including over 10 years running the health center at Hope College.

Both Mark and Carolyn grew up in Ohio and met at Miami University, marrying shortly thereafter. While the couple—who are celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary this coming fall—didn’t grow up golfing or spending time at country clubs, they both knew Egypt Valley would be a great place to enjoy spending time with family and friends after an initial visit in 1995.

Carolyn began her golf career as a 32 handicapper, but her competitive nature pushed her to get down as low as a 13. She continues to love to compete in all the ladies/couple events—with frequent success!

Mark has always been a terminal 10-13 handicapper, but loves the competition of the various Club events, especially the Invitational, League (and Challenge Cup) and Match Play. Surprisingly, he rarely plays in the Member/Member, as it falls on the weekend when he annually gets together with his high school buddies who he’s played with on that weekend since the early ‘80s. The group of six spend three days at the Mossing’s cottage and play in their own “Moss Invitational Golf Tourney” at Egypt Valley.

“They play with us three straight days and our guests have always said it is the highlight of their summer. We’ve been hosting for 20 years!” the Mossings said, adding an interesting fact. “We personally know Arthur Hills and his family, as all his boys also went to high school at Toledo St Johns at the time Mark was there.”

The couple’s interests outside of golf have ebbed and flowed with the seasons.

“Like all of our new member families, we always tried to do everything while enjoying Egypt Valley as much as possible, including the girl’s numerous school activities at Forest Hills Northern, church activities at Ada Bible Church and our varied interests in tennis (more recently pickleball), cycling and water sports at our cottage on Murray Lake,” the Mossings said.

In their earlier years at Egypt Valley, Mark and Carolyn were balancing work and finding time to enjoy all the Club activities they could—especially junior sports and couples’ events, and really “early” weekend tee times.

“At one point, our girls would tell friends that they were ‘golf orphans,’ as on many Friday evenings, we would drop them at the pool and enjoy a beautiful round on Ridge back 9 as the sun set over the horizon on the 16th hole,” the Mossings said. “There are no courses more beautiful in West Michigan! We love the courses because with 36 holes, there is so much variety, and it is challenging and always in immaculate condition.”

As the Mossings reflect on their Grand Rapids story, they say that Egypt Valley has played a central part of in their lives and social network.

Carolyn has been very active in the Ladies Association (where she’s currently President), along with related golf events. She especially enjoys meeting and greeting so many of the energetic ladies at the Club on Tuesday nights. Mark has been part of the Egypt Valley Finance Committee since 2009 and will finish six years on the Board this year.

“Being involved in the organizations that we love is easy, and we feel we always get more than we give because we get to more intimately know the wonderful members and staff that make it so much fun,” the Mossings said.

The couple retired a couple years ago and now spend winters in Florida at the Bonita Bay Club in Southwest Florida.

“The thing we are so proud of is to see how many of our new Florida friends know and are impressed with Egypt Valley—the premier club in West Michigan!” the couple said. “Our Egypt Valley story has been amazing; friends, golf, competition, junior sports and amazing parties. The Egypt Valley future is so bright with the huge surge of new members. We hope they all enjoy it as much as we have.”

If you see the Mossings around the Club, be sure to say, “Hello!”