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Meet the Rush Family

Pam and Jeff Rush are plenty familiar with Egypt Valley and all it has to offer, having been members now for 30 years. While Pam is originally from Memphis, Tennessee and Jeff from St. Louis, Missouri, the couple and their extended family members call the Grand Rapids area home.

These days, the couple are enjoying retirement, with Jeff having recently retired from the financial services industry after almost 40 years, and Pam having retired several years ago as school director of Temple Emanuel religious school.

Pam and Jeff joined Egypt Valley back in 1993 and have served on various committees over the years ever since. For Jeff, that was serving as Chair of the Men’s League for two years. For Pam, that meant being Chair of the Ladies’ League for two years.

The Rush family love having their family members nearby, which includes Samantha and Walter Keith, their daughter Harper (age 10) and puppy Zoey; and Dan and Alex Hoovler, daughter Charlotte (age 3) and Jake (age 1). Jeff and Pam say Egypt Valley has been a great place for the whole family to grow up and come together to learn to golf over the years, and the Hoovlers are now legacy members at the Club, as well.

Pam and Jeff say that Egypt Valley having 36 holes has made their experience as members immensely enjoyable, as they can hop on and play almost whenever they’d like.

Other members might not know that Pam and Jeff met while performing in amateur theatre! In addition, Pam previously sang and played synthesizer in a classic rock band for 12 years. The pair still enjoy singing and performing today. In addition, Pam has been a member of the same book club since 2000!

When they’re not at the Club, Pam and Jeff often spend their time listening to music, spending time with family, and traveling. During the winter time, you can find the Rush family in Fort Myers, Florida, though they always look forward to returning for Michigan’s wonderful summers.

If you see the Rush family around the Club, be sure to say, “Hello!”