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Meet the Teklinski Family

Like many families at Egypt Valley, Tom and Katy Teklinski were drawn to the Club as an escape they could take together.

In 2013, the couple moved from Royal Oak to Grand Rapids, along with their three small children: Jillian, Ben and Henry. Shortly after, they became Egypt Valley members.

“We joined at a time when we had three young children and both worked long hours,” Katy said. “Having the course to escape to together and walk the beautiful terrain while enjoying learning and growing in the sport was such a blessing. The kids loved all the activities in the summer and were quickly immersed into it. They made new friends and always looked forward to going to the Club.”

Tom began golfing at age 12 and has always loved the game—and the challenges that come with it. He also encouraged Katy to play and was her biggest fan in pushing herself out of her comfort zone and playing in the women’s league and events.

“Having a family who all loved to golf was a dream of mine, but I didn’t realize until one day when we were all out on the course for a Junior PGA event that the dream had become a reality,” Tom said. “I wanted to instill the foundational values of golf, a game that can be enjoyed with others but also on your own, and a lifelong sport.”

Katy explained how through the support of Tom (and the patient women of the league in her early days), she grew to love the sport. When she was asked to become the Chair of the Women’s Association in 2021, Katy gladly accepted. With the growth of the Club, Katy said it was the perfect time to get involved.

“I wanted to give back and grow the women’s program,” she said, emphasizing her desire for women to feel comfortable learning and playing golf in what can be a somewhat intimidating atmosphere. “I’ve enjoyed working with the staff to create a 3-hole league and hybrid events that help to bridge the gap to competitive play, along with a whole team of ladies who are excited to recruit new players and grow the Women’s Association.”

Today, she looks forward to getting out on the Club’s courses for a variety of reasons.

“Every time I’m out on the course, whether it’s with Tom, the whole family, the ladies or alone, I feel a calming sense of peace being out in nature and pushing myself to grow,” she said. “I’m not sure there is anything better. Yep, I’m hooked!”

In the nine seasons the Teklinski family have been members at the Club, they’ve secured some family wins in the sport, as well. Last year, Tom won his flight for the Member-Guest, Katy and her partner won the Member-Member, Tom and Ben won the Parent-Child 9-hole, and Ben won the Children’s 5-hole tournament.

“We love that the Club offers 36 holes, along with the flexibility to get out when our busy schedules have a last-minute opening—it has made all the difference in the use of the Club and being able enjoy it fully,” Katy said. “Jeff’s team does an amazing job of keeping the course so pristine … it adds a magical element to being out there, especially on an early morning round or a right before sunset. It’s such a beautiful course!”

When they’re not putting on the green, the Teklinskis are likely to be found at the Club’s pool.

“The kids love to swim with the friends they’ve made over the years,” Katy said, noting how excited the family is about the new pool environment and all the space there is to gather and relax. “The kids also love a good pickup game of tennis and basketball when they need to dry off.”

According to Katy, the two elements that make Egypt Valley so special are, “the committed staff and members that contribute to making the Club an inclusive family environment and the setting of Egypt Valley, which is tucked away from the daily grind.”

The peacefulness of being nestled right into the thick of nature, Katy says, is such a blessing.

Outside of their time spent at Egypt Valley, the Teklinskis could most likely be found at one of their children’s sporting events.

“The kids are busy with baseball, basketball, skiing and volleyball, which has us traveling around and shuttling to practices, coaching and cheering them on,” Katy said. “We also love a summer day of exploring the beaches and spending time up north. We’re also active at the kids’ school and our church, St. Thomas the Apostle.”

If you see the Teklinski family around the Club, be sure to say, “Hello!”