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Meet the TenHarmsel Family

The TenHarmsel family have been members at Egypt Valley for over 15 years and say they’ve made some of their best friends at the Club. Mike and Lynn TenHarmsel and their two sons—16-year-old Liam and 14-year-old Casey—live a mere 4.2 miles from the Club, allowing them to spend as much time as they please enjoying all that Egypt Valley has to offer.

Mike, who is retired, grew up in Holland and South Haven, while Lynn, an artist and “family CEO,” hails from Swartz Creek on the east side of the state. The pair met each other through work and got married in 2004 and started their Filipino-Dutch family.

“Lynn was madly in love with Mike—still is. Mike knew Lynn was out of his league—still is,” they said.

When it comes to golf, Lynn didn’t grow up playing the sport, but started learning shortly before the couple got married.

“Lynn did it right,” Mike said. “She realized she loved the sport and immediately took lessons with Patti Butcher. As a result, Lynn has a solid swing.”

Though Mike has been a golfer since high school, he has always had a rather casual approach to the game and has a swing with “numerous hitches and waggles.”

“Both our boys have gone through just about every golf youth/junior program at EVCC,” the family said. “They will both be going out for the golf team at Grand Rapids Catholic Central this spring. They are both very, very close to beating their dad.”

Both Liam and Casey also play ice hockey, making one it one family's main hobbies as they all spend a considerable amount of time in and around ice rinks.

“We know the location of every Tropical Smoothie Cafe in multiple major cities in the U.S.,” Mike joked, “We were always perplexed why and how people spend so much time with their kid's sports, traveling all over the country. Well, that is us and we love it.”

The family also have two dogs, a golden retriever puppy named Stella, and a large Newfoundland named Gus.

“The Newf is absolutely disgusted by this puppy … to say that he tolerates her is fairly accurate,” Mike joked.

Even though it’s over four hours away and they don't get up there frequently, the family also tries to spend time at their cabin that Lynn's family built in the early 1940s on a beautiful lake near Alpena.

In addition to hitting the green at Egypt Valley, Mike and Lynn have been involved with the Club in other ways, with Mike having served on the Egypt Valley Board of Directors for two terms and Lynn helping with a couple committees.

“As everyone knows, we have two championship courses. We love the accessibility it lends,” the family said. “We operate often spontaneously regarding golf and tee times, so having it so close to home with one of the courses offering walk-on for times is perfect for our style.”

Egypt Valley has been a great home-away-from-home for the TenHarmsels for years.

“We seem to have utilized about every ounce of the place,” they said. “Our kids are naturally more independent now, but we still enjoy sliding in for an occasional round and/or a great dinner on the back patio.”

“We have a secret spot that we can't tell you much about. It’s a room that’s hidden behind a false section of paneling,” Mike said. “Chris Kleinman arranges food and beverage service for us in there, and the staff is sworn to secrecy. It is really a perfect spot. Couches, TVs, card tables, ping-pong … you would love it.”

Something surprising other members might not know about the TenHarmsel family?

“We are billionaires.”

If you see the TenHarmsel family around the Club, be sure to say, “Hello!”