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President’s Letter: Welcome to 2023

Justin Karl, Club President

Happy New Year!
Welcome to 2023, and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season spent with family and friends. At Egypt Valley, we were able host many festive events celebrating the season and it really is a great time to reflect and be thankful for everything accomplished in 2022. Although we are in the short, cold days of winter now, the days are starting to get a little longer and we know that another spring season will eventually come. Before the Club gets fully into preparation mode in the next few months, I wanted to take this opportunity to share the results of the recent Membership Survey we conducted. 
The Board and Club Management desire to provide the best experience for the membership possible, and we determined last year that the best way to allocate resources and make decisions is through having good, up-to-date information on how we are performing. The thought process was to survey the entire membership in all areas of the Club’s performance and establish a baseline “Net Promoter Score” for each area of the Club. Our intent going forward is to survey 25% of the membership each quarter so as to monitor feedback often, without being overbearing to the membership with seemingly constant survey requests. Since it will effectively be one survey annually for each member, please take the time to thoughtfully respond to the surveys, as they will absolutely impact how the Club allocates capital and makes operating decisions.
For the 2022 survey results, we had 278 responses, which our consulting teams tell us is a very good response rate. The results indicate that the Members are happy with the overall club experience and would recommend being a member to friends and family. Particularly encouraging, the members rating of the golf experience at EVCC was exceptionally high. Members also had high praise for the Junior Sports experience, with the biggest opportunity for improvement being avoiding scheduling conflicts between activities. Our improved pool facility received high marks, with the average member rating the pool experience 8 out 10 and our tennis and pickleball experience were graded nearly as high. Finally, our members on average rated their likeliness to recommend dining at EVCC relatively high, particularly due to the convenience of booking reservations by the new app, but the survey did provide significant feedback on how we can improve the dining experience, as well as other key areas of the Club, which are summarized below in order of impact:
Dining Experience: More dining options and more regular changes to the menu, as well as focus on consistency of product.
Pool Experience: Consistent cleanliness standards for pool deck, furniture and bathrooms, as well as the potential for more diverse food options.
Golf Experience: Consistent service training across all employees and cleanliness of carts and clubs.
Grounds/Facilities: The most common constructive feedback for improvement were for improvements to the practice area and bunkers.
Social Events: More social event offerings. Existing social events are well received, additional events and smaller options would be welcomed.
Overall, the survey proved that we have a very engaged membership who takes great pride in the EVCC experience, and it provided us with excellent feedback on focus areas to improve that experience. Club management has already begun making some changes based on this feedback, and the budgeting process for 2023 and beyond is under way and similarly taking the feedback into account as we allocate resources. Thank you all for taking the time to complete the survey, and I hope you will continue to do so when you receive the follow up later this year. Providing the best member experience possible is our goal, and getting your opinions is helping to do just that!
Thank you again, and I wish you all a healthy and happy 2023!